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Decolonial Visualities: Indigenizing Visual Culture Studies


Archivo Papers Journal

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Edited by: Nasheli Jiménez del Val

Submission deadline: 19 May 2023

This issue aims to contribute to ongoing discussions in decolonial thought and visual culture studies regarding the potentialities of othered approaches to image-making beyond Western-centred conceptualizations of the image and its visualities. Drawing upon the ideas of decolonial aestheSis, the right to look, and Indigenous visual sovereignty, this issue welcomes submissions addressing the Indigenization of visual culture as a means for decolonizing the fields of visual culture studies and contemporary art studies. Papers discussing Indigenous aesthetic practices, Indigenous theorizations of the image, and Indigenous epistemologies for image-making as applied to diverse visual media (photography, filmmaking, video art, digital art, graphic arts, installations, landscape interventions, performances, etc.) are particularly welcome.


Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Imagination

24-25 Oct. 2019

Organized by the Art, Globalization, Interculturality Research Group

Indigenous situated knowledges are increasingly being recognized as an urgent voice in global debates on natural resources, sustainability, heritage, governance, representation, and social justice. Given this situation, indigenous epistemologies have become an alternative for re-thinking what Arjun Appadurai has termed an “emancipatory policy” that could address the asymmetries in the distribution of resources, capital, and power in what is now a clearly destabilizing global landscape. Seen through the lens of an as-yet unfinished process of decolonization in which “the Indigenous” is activated and understood through different social, political and aesthetic platforms, contemporary Indigenous artistic agents and activists share complex and often conflicting agendas that signal potential points of tension and resistance in the current global scenario.



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