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Richard Peralta, En casa del herrero (detail), 2015. Oil on canvas. 190 x 130 cm.


Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Imagination

Revista de Estudios Globales y Arte Contemporáneo, Vol. 7, Num. 1, 2020


This special issue addresses the recent inclusion of “Indigenous thought” in the global art world by seeking to create links between non-Western knowledges, Indigenous epistemologies and the artistic imagination, deploying what Rosi Braidotti terms “non-Western Indigenous humanism” or “Indigenous knowledge systems”. What are the implications of these deterritorializations for both the posthuman knowing subject and her disciplinary practice? How can we negotiate the paradoxical confluence that tenses a certain fagocitation of “other” epistemologies by (Western) academia and the will—or need—of some communities to gain ground in the social sphere in order to make their demands visible? These are some of the central questions discussed through a trans-disciplinary, decolonial stance that seeks to forge ongoing alliances between Western and non-Western artistic agents.

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